Galmet - central heating boiler

Power: 17kW, 22kW, 27kW, 37kW, 50kW
Fuel: solid fuel (wood, coal, briquettes, etc.)

Galmet Multi fuel-fired heating boilers are appliances with a modern construction, solid fuels lower combustion and a three-current combustion chamber system. Galmet boilers are equipped with a controller ( a temperature programmer) and a blowing fan which provide greater work stability and prove to be more economical.

Galmet heating boilers work using a forced air intake. This process is possible owing to the presence of the blowing fan which is steered by an electronic programmer connected to a power supply.

The essence of boiler running is the fact that the boiler temperature altitude is maintained precisely on the level set by a user by means of the controller. The controller constantly takes measurements of boiler water and on the basis of this data it controls the fan, regulating the amount of delivered air essential for fuel combustion process.