Warmet 200 Ceramic

Power: 18 kW, 25 kW, 32 kW

This universal central heating device, firedby each type of fuel wood, chips, straw, coal, coke, coal dust, etc. in the system of upper/lower consumption.

Warmet 200 Ceramik is a line of multifuel boilers fired by solid fuel with manual charging. Characteristic feature is lower or upper combustion depending on combusted fuel.
Boiler exchanger made of high quality steel delivered by verified Polish producers of steel having quality certificates. Adequately profiled exhaust ducts create three circuits, increase the energy reception result.

Boiler exchanger is comprised of three sections:

  • loading chamber,
  • Ceramic chamber with internal distribution of air into primary and secondary,
  • third section – exchanger’s part

Second and third chamber constributes to high efficiency. In ceramic chamber in the temperature exceeding 900°C and with the participation of primary and secondary air the gases are burned down, which return the heat in third exchanger section. Second part of the exchanger is divided into two parts by means of upper - lower combustion lever. It means that two systems of combustion are allowed in the boiler,that is lower combustion system (wood, coal dust, pea coal), upper combustion system - fuel of low calorific value.

When constructing the exchanger the company was guided by the 3xt definition (time, temperature, turbulation).
Combustion chamber is shaped in such a way that only part of loaded fuel is involved in combustion process. Boilers have stable power, adjusted through the application of electronicsystem controlling supplied air.

Fuel Combustion

Fuel combustion :

  • First so called degasification of fuel takes place - at limited supply of air volatile substances are emitted.
  • Then these gases are subject to combustion in ceramic chamber (second section of the exchanger) at high temperature and with secondary air.
  • Thermal energy reception in the third section of the exchanger and transfering it to heating installation.

Boiler Automatics

Luxus 4 controller is not only the regulator of boiler’s operation, but also the controller for the whole central heating system together with floor heating and preparation of hot tap water.

Kostrzewa is the first company, which introduced Fuzzy Logic adjustment in fossil fuel fired boilers in Poland. To reduce the cost of heating the building and increase the comfort of use, we applied Fuzzy Logic adjustment method. This solution found its application in temperature regulation, adjustment of the device power to current energy requirements of the building. It allows to specify precisely the requirements for boiler’s power, and in turn to significantly reduce fuel consumption.

  • of pressure fan
  • of central heating pump
  • of hot tap water pump
  • floor heating pump
  • of mixing valve1
Luxus 4



  • Boiler regulator. It controls blower operation, central heating pump, pump of the floor heating and hot tap water to achieve as little fuel consumption as possible, ensure operation comfort and extend the life of the boiler;
  • Control over central heating pump operation. Controller has the option of connecting room regulator, which ensures the operation of central heating pumps. only when it is necessary, so the electricity and thermal energy consumption is reduced.
  • Control over the third pump. The controller allows the control over third additional pump (floor heating or additional room with room regulator).
  • Adjustment of blower power. Due to many conditionings, it is impossible to definitely specify power of the blower required for a given type of Warmet 200 Ceramik boiler. Power depends on such factors like: chimney system, type and moisture of fuel.
  • Soft Start. The function ensures extension of blower engine life. Its operation is based on gradual switching on the blower’s power.
  • Hot water priorirty (PCW). It is a luxury function, which ensures maintaining possibly fixed temperature of hot tap water.
  • Overheating of boiler. When the water temperature exceeds 89°C controller switches to alarm mode and, in order to reduce dengerous temperature as quickly as possible, it switches on all pumps.

Rational operation
Depending on the fuel used and the size of heated rooms, Warmet 200 Ceramik boilers require replenishment of fuel in 6 to 36 hours.