Fuzzy Logic 2Auto ignition boilers Pellets Fuzzy Logic 2

Power: 15, 25, 40, 50, 75, 100 kW

Boilers are adapted to combust: granulate of sawdust (pellet), pea coal, oats and wood on additional grid with which boiler is equipped. Fuel in form of granulate is poured into a tank of large capacity. Filling up such tank depending on energy requirement of a building will allow for self-operated work of device for 7 to 30 days.


 Advantages of Pellets Fuzzy Logic 2 boiler:

  • Very good, durable steel boiler exchanger was constructed according to the 3xt definition (time, turbulator, temperature)
  • Burner adapted to combustion of pellets, Industrial wood pellets, oats and pea coal (three burner tips as standard equipment of boiler)
  • To increase the comfort of operation and reduce the amount of combusted fuel, we applied Fuzzy Logic 2 generation adjustment.
  • Amount of air which is needed for combustion is specified by lambda probe (automatically dosed air) - option
  • Rich additional equipment as standard, including the function of automatic lighting up of pea coal, pellets and oats

2 generation Pellets Fuzzy Logic controller built-in full weather automatics – all sensors are included in the set of delivered device exhaust fan - besides the function of reinforcing stack effect, the exhaust fan may be attached during cleaning or removal of ash from the exchanger. It does not result in dusts and unpleasant smells getting through to a room, in which the device is placed (back of the boiler)

Retort Fuzzy Logic burner equipped with three burner tips as standard. It is furnished with the device to ignite fuel by means of hot air.

Second generation Fuzzy Logic regulation system + broadband Lambda4 probe fully automatically and now even more precisely regulate the amount of dosed air and thus 20 per cent of fuel is saved mixing valve actuator -automatic control of mixing valve actuator, measurement of temperature of water returning to boiler peephole viewer allows the preview of flame without opening door big capacity tank for fuel, single pouring of fuel is sufficient for 7 to 30 days when combusting pellets (granulate from saw dust), pea coal or oats.

loading chamber - capacious loading chamber allowing wood combustion on grates without burner removal worm made of acid resistant steel - high resistance to humid work environment, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance for at least 4 years pressure ventilator separates air into primary and secondary air (back of boiler) ignition fan - fan and igniter for automatic ignition of fuel: pellets, Industrial wood pellets, oats2, pea coal motoreductor – energy saving motoreductor ash-pit – large ash-pit, removal of ash once in 5 months.


Fuzzy Logic retort burner

The only boiler on the market with automatic ignition of pea coal, pellets and oats.

“Deposit-free” burner–during combustion of granulate of wood (pellet) necessity to remove deposit, which causes burner blockage, has been eliminated in 90 %. This innovative solution wassubmitted asutility model tothe Patent Office of the Republic of Poland under the number W.121793 NEW in 2013!

Why the retort burner?

  • very uniform and accurate feeding - allows you to control the combustion process with a lambda probe;
  • possible high efficiency combustion of pellets, oats and coal;
  • automatic ignition of pellets, Industrial wood pellets, oats and coal.

The burner tip for combustion of pellets:

The burner tip for combustion of pellets.
The burner tip for combustion of oat:

The burner tip for combustion of oat.
The burner tip for combustion of coal:

The burner tip for combustion of coal

Pellets Fuzzy Logic 2 retort burner is fitted with an automatic igniter for the three fuels - pellets, oats, coal. The feeding worm of stainless steel - resistant to wet working environment. The boiler efficiency depends not only on the efficiency of heat transferred to the exchanger, but also on the efficiency of the fuel combustion process.

In the case of the combustion of liquid or gaseous fuels there are no major problems. The combustion of solid fuels is an extremely problematic. Starting from delivery of sufficient combustion air volume, and then accurate air-fuel mixing, ending with "getting rid" of unnecessary products of combustion, namely ash. The posed assumptions are satisfied by a retort furnace.

Until recently, the combustion of pellets was carried out with cast-iron burners, which were designed to burn pea coal. After a series of trials the steel burner has born adjusted to burn pellets or also oat grains.

Heat Exchanger

Three-pass, steel boiler heat exchanger.

The vertical heat exchanger Pellet Fuzzy Logic 2 - made of boiler steel P265GH with a thickness from 4mm to 6 mm, three-pass type. Appropriate shape and length are the characteristic feature of this design. The advantages of this solution include first of all the less sensitivity to ash settling on the walls of the exchanger. It falls gravitationally to the ash pan. With such an advanced exchanger a considerable flue gas flow resistance was anticipated and an exhaust fan was employed for flue gas, mounted on the flue, which supports the natural chimney draught.


  • Very good and durable steel heat exchanger of the boiler (it was designed according to definition 3, x t: time, turbulator, temperature)
  • Burner designed to burn pellets, oats and pea coal (three burner tips in the standard boiler equipment).
  • To increase comfort of  service and reduce the amount of combusted fuel we have applied the Fuzzy Logic 2 generation control.
  • The amount of air that is needed to combustion is determined by the lambda probe (automatic air dosage) - optional.
  • Extensive additional equipment as a standard including automatic ignition of pea coal, pellets and oats-2.

Why we chose steel?

  • Achieving the maximum efficiency;
  • Freedom to design high-performance heat exchangers;
  • Low sensitivity to the lack of water;
  • Low sensitivity to scaling;
  • Low sensitivity to sudden temperature changes.

Technical Data

PARAMETR PFL2 15 kW PFL2 25 kW PFL2 40 kW PFL2 50 kW PFL2 75 kW PFL2 100 kW
Range of control 15 - 50 8 - 25 12 - 40 15 - 50 23 - 75 30 - 100
Control method FL 2*, PID FL 2*, PID FL 2*, PID FL 2*, PID FL 2*, PID FL 2*, PID
Boiler class by PN EN 303-5 3 3 3 3 3 3
Water volume [L] 65 80 100 120 150 200
Max. working press. [bar] 2 2 2 2 2 2
Test pressure [bar] 4 4 4 4 4 4
Chimney draft [mbar] 0.15 - 0.25 0.15 - 0.25 0.15 - 0.25 0.2 - 0.3 0.2 - 0.3 0.4
Min. temp. of water returning  to boiler[°C] 50 50 50 50 50 50
Flue gas temp at rated/min. 
output [°C]
140 / 90 250 / 95 160 / 100 160 / 100 180 / 110 180 / 110
Approx. fuel consumption @ rated/min. output – pellets [kg] 3.48 / 1.16 5.8 / 1.9 9.28 / 2.78 11.6 / 3.48 17.4 / 5.33 23.25 / 6.97
Approx. fuel consumption @ rated/min. output – pea coal [kg] 2.34/0.78 3.9 / 1.2 6.24 / 1.87 7.8 / 2.34 11.7 / 3.58 16.4 / 3.58
Flue diameter [mm] 160 160 160 160 180 250
Diameter of supply/return stub pipe [cal] 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 2.0 2.5
Supplying voltage [V] 230 230 230 230 230 230
Max. electric power consumption 
(during firing up) [W]
140 / 900 140 / 900 140 / 900 200 / 900 200 / 900 200 / 900
Weight [kg] 370 430 510 700 810 1100
Fuel reservoir volume [L]


310 310 450 570 570
Charging aperture dimensions [mm] 360x360 360x360 360x360 360x360 360x360 360x360