Renewable EnergyRenewable energy is the most environmentally friendly, reliable and cost effective source of heating for your home.
Climate change is arguably one of the greatest environmental threats the world is facing. At the heart of this major environmental issue is our current energy system, which is based around fossil fuels (such as coal, peat, oil and gas) and the resulting pollution is mainly responsible for global warming and climate change. The impacts of disruptive change leading to catastrophic events such as storms, droughts, sea level rise and floods are already being felt across the world.
In addition to the climate change problem, Ireland also has the most energy import dependent economy in the industrialized world, importing almost 90% of all our fuels. Taking advantage of Ireland's abundant renewable energy sources frees our energy options and reduces our over dependence on increasingly expensive imported energy. The ‘old’ ways can no longer secure our heating, electricity and fuel supply. With the help of renewable energy sources like the sun, wood and wind we can continue to affordably produce the large amounts of electricity, heat and fuel needed by our modern society AND avoid the carbon dioxide emissions that cause global warming.

What are the benefits of renewable energy?

  • Clean – Pollution free
  • Reliable - Predictable heating costs

Renewable energy offers safe and reliable energy for all your needs - predominantly for heating, as over 80% ofthe energy used by you at home is for central heating and hot water.
Renewables will also continue to provide heat even when conventional energy supplies are disrupted.

  • Cost Effective - Substantial savings on conventional heating bills

Whether you are building a new house, replacing an existing heating system or renovating, renewable energy can save you a significant amount of money.
For example a heat pump can save 70% of your home heating bill, a wood stove over 20% and a solar thermal panel will give you 6 months free hot water!
Many experienced renewable energy suppliers now operate in your area, offering competitive, high quality products including heat pumps, solar panels and wood pellet stoves.