Solar Panels TubesIntroduction to Solar water Heating and environmental saving.

The sun is the ultimate source of most of our renewable energy supplies. Energy from the Sun is clean and abundant. There is a widely held opinion that Ireland does not have enough 'sun' to make solar systems worthwhile. In fact parts of Ireland have annual solar radiation levels equal to 60% of those experienced at the equator. However, this energy is not received uniformly troughout the year. Some 70% of Ireland's annual radiation is received over the period April to September and 25% is received in the months of June and July. Solar water heating technology is about capturing this energy and converting it into a form that can be used in buildings, industry etc. to substitute for fossil fuel energy.

Aplication of Solar Water Heating.

Water Heating is required for space heating, domestic water heating, agricultural and commercial usage. Solar Water Heating can be used to a greater or lasser extentfor each of these water heating aplications.

Domestic Water Heating.

Incoming mains water is usually at a temperature of around 10oC In Ireland and hasto be heated, under recent recommendations, to a storage temperature of 600C. For water heating, a typical house uses 5 kWh per day of useful energy (that is the energy content of the water leaving the tabs). This figure can very considerably from house to house, dependant on house sizeand water usage. A well designed system will provide typicallyup to 100% of a family's hot water requirementsduring the summer monts of April to September and make a useful contribution during the rest of the year. In a typical year overall the system will provide 50-60% of a family's annual domestic water heating needs.