Westa WK5169 - flat windowPower: convection – 6kW, water – 12kW

Westa chimney inserts offer excellent solution of water mediated heating systems. They offer efficient and economic operation when combined with the buffer, sun collector and a boiler. Wide front window offers perfect view of blazing wood. Air curtains and low CO emission warrant long operation without glass cleaning. Modern technologies, high class material and unforgiving monitoring system translate to high quality. All this makes the Westa chimney inserts an excellent choice.

Double lock door

Double locked door are hermetic and not prone to disfigurement. It features press-close spring. Inner frame holding the glass is made of stainless steel withstanding active agents used in glass cleaning chemicals. The reinforced, shape preserving gasket seals the door perfectly. Composing, nickel coated handle let you open even hot door.

Your range of selection

You can choose one of many colour versions: black, silver or gold.


material: Steel, grog, vermiculite
fuel: Hardwood
efficiency: 75,00%
glass: Flat, heat resistant
door: Flat, opening left or right, double locked

See the details

The core element of the structure of the Westa chimney insert is the furnace chamber. Most advanced welding technologies were utilised in manufacture. The furnace chamber has been lined with fire-resistant ceramics - the walls with vermiculite, the base with Rath grog. Ceramic lining offers extra protection and elegant look.

The Westa chimney insert's door is glazed with large fire resistant glass sheet. Offer a perfect view on blazing wood offers and easy access to the combustion chamber. Push the door handle to lock it. The door also feature an automatic closing mechanism. The solution offers maximum safety of operation. Doors with flat or bent glass can be installed. The door opens left. Right opening door is optional.

Air inlet control is located below the doors. Air is sucked to the chamber by inlets near the bottom and top edges of the door which generates air flow preventing soot plaque deposits on the glass. Air influx is controlled by the knob on the regulator. Main air supply comes with the 120 mm inlets placed at the bottom.

The vermiculite deflector in the upper part of the chimney insert provides for more efficient burning.

Hot exhaust gas from the furnace chamber go to the heat exchange placed over the deflector. There they release heat in contact with the heat resistant pipes of the exchange. After release of heat, exhaust go to the chimney by a  flue collar.