SmartFire 12

Power: 12 kW (pellet stove)

SmartFire 12 - Automatic pellet stove with automatic burner cleaning and ignition, efficiency 90,5%.

Modern design.
Modern desing in 3 basic colour combinations makes that pellet stove SmartFire fits to most apartments.

Automatic ignition, burner cleaning and cleaning of heat exchanger.
User comfort, perfect burning, hight efficiency and considerable savings are guaranteed by automation of handling.
Stainless-steel springs placed in combustion tubes clean the exchanger, ensuring its high effectiveness. Moreover, they put the fumes into whirls whichincreases the level of heat exchange.

Lambda Probe.
Intelligent logarithm adjusts the boiler to the current parameters of the environment.
It constantly maintains the highest possible efficiency of the boiler.
It ensures the best emission performance.
It improves the exchanger clarity.

Weather regulation.
Advanced regulator controls the operation of the boiler and the entire heating room system including pumps, valves, actuators, buffers and the boiler. This way all the devices are integrated in a coherent system where optimal operation conditions are set and adjusted on line.

Display panel.
Intuitive, clear and simple to operate by anyone. The control panel enables an easy and fast regulation of temperature, changes of options and customization according to individual needs and requirements.

Rotary valve.
Protects the fuel in the pellet tank against fire.

Hydraulic equipment.
Boiler is equiped with hydraulic kit so installation is quick and does not take place in the boiler room.

Power modulation.
Output is adjusted on line by the controller monitoring the temperatures of the furnace and the outgoing and returning water. Given the changing conditions this solution optimises fuel consumption.

Advanced control system, top class ceramic burner and effective heat exchange warrant low emissions of co and other environmentally  hazardous  substances Smartfire boiler protects the environment.

SmartFire 12
SmartFire 12